Technische Universität Dortmund
Lehrstuhl Informatik 2
Otto-Hahn-Straße 14
44227 Dortmund
Tel +49 (0)231 755-2777
Fax +49(0)231 755-2047

General information

Since credit cards are not very common in Germany, it might be useful to bring some cash.

Getting to Dortmund

  • Airports
    Dortmund has its own airport. But unless you arrive from London, some holiday destinations or some eastern european countries you will not find any reasonable flights to Dortmund airport.

    The closest real airport is in Düsseldorf. It offers flights to most major european cities and all european hubs. If you have a connection in europe anyways e.g., with BA in London or Air France in Paris, you should try to find a flight to Düsseldorf. It is about an hour from Düsseldorf Airport to Dortmund.

    However, if you find a direct flight to Frankfurt, which is germany's biggest airport you can take a train from there to Dortmund. There are also connecting flights to Düsseldorf but it is not worth it. By train it's about two and a half hours to Dortmund.

  • From the airports to Dortmund
    If you enjoy driving, have too much money, or want to go somewhere remote, you can rent a car and drive.
    The most economic and convinient way of transportation from Frankfurt or Düsseldorf Airport ist the train.
    Please check on the website of the Deutsche Bahn for the most convinient connections. You may use the IATA airport codes (i.e., FRA and DUS) as stations.

    If you decide to buy your ticket early, you can safe some money with a "Savings fares". However, this is a non-refundable ticket and you have to take the chosen connection. This is probably a bit risky if you arrive by plane. However, some airlines (Lufthansa for sure) offer "Rail&Fly" tickets. This costs an additional small amount (like 30 Euros each way) and allows to take any train to any german city at the day of arrival or departure (and even a day later/earlier, respectively). If you can get one of those its highly recommended if you want to take a train from Frankfurt. From Dusseldorf a regular ticket is cheaper. Regular tickets can be bought at the airports at ticketing kiosks or counter. Credit cards can be used for payment.
    Note that at Dusseldorf Airport you have to take the so called Skytrain to the train station first. It is two levels above the arrivals hall.


We negotiated a special rate with the Steigenberger Hotel The rate is 75 Euro per night including breakfast. Internet is another 9 Euros per day as a group rate. Unfortunately we were unable to get a better deal for the latter since it's offered by an external provider. It also comes with a caveat. Since those 9 Euros are a group rate (applicable for if two or more you choose to take it, which is very likely), you might have to remind them when checking in.

To book the hotel you have to contact them directly and mention the "secret word" which is "workshop". Here are the contact details:
Phone +49 231 9021-0
Fax +49 231 9021-999

There are of course other and probably cheaper alternatives in Dortmund. You may check the usual websites, e.g., Expedia or Kayak. However, we believe the Steigenberger is a really good deal and a decent hotel (both Christian and Alex stayed there and at other Hotels in Dortmund and agree). If you consider another Hotel, you can ask Alex ( if he knows it and can recommend it.


Here is a map that shows most of the important locations and stations. And there is also a map of the campus.

Public transport in Dortmund

The website of the Deutsche Bahn not only shows you train connection but you can also use it to search for public transport connections. It even works if you just enter addresses instead of the name of a bus or train station.

  • From the main train stations of Dortmund to the Steigenberger Hotel
    The easiest option would be a taxi for 10 to 15 Euros. With public transport it is a bit more complicated: Take underground train U 45 in direction to Westfalenhallen and get off at Stadtgarten (the second station). Change to train U 42 in direction Hombruch and get off at Kreuzstraße (3rd station). Walk down Große Heimstraße (there should be a graveyard to your right) until you reach a big road (Wittekindstraße). The building across this street is the Steigenberger Hotel.

  • From the main train stations of Dortmund or Bochum to workshop location
    From Dortmund Hbf by S1 towards Düsseldorf to the stop Dortmund Universität (7 minutes).
    From Bochum Hbf by S1 towards Dortmund to the stop Dortmund Universität (14 minutes).
    The S-Bahn leaves in both directions regularly at 20 minute intervals.
    From Dortmund Universität, you can either walk across the campus (takes 10 to 15 minutes) or take bus 462 for two stops to Joseph-von-Frauenhofer-Straße.

  • From the Steigenberger hotel to workshop location
    Walk to Kreuzstraße underground station (approx. 5-10min). Take train U42 in direction Hombruch (every 10 minutes). Get off at the second station An der Palmweide. Walk across the street to the bus stop. Take either bus 462 and get off at Joseph-von-Frauenhofer-Straße (workshop location) or take Bus 447 and get off at the stop Dortmund Universität and walk to the conference location. If you catch the U42 at Kreuzstraße at 11, 31, or 51 past the hour should be able to reach the connection with the 462 which takes 16 minutes in total. This is recommended unless you want to have a walk or grab a coffee at the cafeteria on the way. In that case you may take any of the U42 trains (1, 11, 21, ... past the hour) and take 447 (or 462) to Dortmund Universität and walk (map).

  • Tickets.
    For travel within Dortmund you need a ticket with an A fare (Preisstufe A). A oneway is 2,40 (in one direction, any number of transfers, within 90 minutes). A day ticket is 5,70 which is obviously a good deal if you have more than two rides a day. There is also a group ticket for a day and up to 5 persons for 12,60. Note that tickets have to be validated before they are used the first time.

  • General Information

    You will need cash to buy train tickets, lunch at the university and at many more occasions where credit cards are not accepted.

    The weather has been warm but also very rainy in the last weeks. So it would be a good choice to bring at least an umbrella or raingear.